RE in one testcase

I was retrying old competitions questions and I am getting RE error in one of the testcase and can’t figure out what I am doing wrong.
The poblem code is APARTS
And my solution link is my code
Please help.

Hey buddy!!!
Just check the link to your solution once again. To me it shows it is correct solution.

You are right.
Now it is showing correct for the same solution. I did not change even one line.

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It’s survived 1000s of my randomised testcases, so the only thing I can think of it that one testcase triggers stackoverflow due to recursive calls to changeMatrix. Don’t yet know what such a testcase would look like, though :man_shrugging:


Okay, thanks. It is submitted now.

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Congrats @dhruv789 for finally getting it without actually changing anything. That’s great