Reagrding codechef ladoos for august lunchtime

Dear admin, I think it is very disappointing for any new user who is just waiting for their dream T-shirt of codechef.
I think it’s very late to distribute ladoos.

I request you please make it earlier so that I can redeem it and get a cool codechef t-shirt.
thank you.

Btw , how many from Indian ranklist in Long challenge will receive laddus ? Is it top 10 or top 20 ?

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Although this has been asked many times, they never answer this question :confused:

I was expecting to receive my first ever laddus of a CC contest , but if its top 10 , i cant :frowning:

It’s for top 20 if you are in Div1 and for Top 3 if you are in Div2.

see this

yeah , just seen it ! Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Its top 20. I got it confirmed from admin and made him modify the october long’s announcement post on discuss :slight_smile:

I think Lunchtime laddus are only for school students.