REALBIN June Lunchtime 21

The question was very simple and most of the people must have figured it out within a minute but got TLE due to not using fast IO or using endl instead of ‘\n’.

Such tasks are given on CodeForces, Atcoder too but they explicitly mention to use fast IO, however there is no such instruction on CodeChef contests. This is not the first time it has happened. I have faced the same issue in the following problem from April Cook Off 21.

I request codechef admin to look into it.


I don’t think that’s true. I have encountered multiple instances on cf where fast i/o was required but it wasn’t mentioned in the problem.
Also, using fast i/o and ‘\n’ is a fairly common thing in cp. You faced the same issue in cook-off but still decided to use slower techniques.

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I know it’s common. As a matter of fact, I personally did not face any issue in both the problems but for beginners, it would be difficult to figure out the error when their logic is correct and time complexity is also satisfied.
I don’t exactly remember the problems on CF but I have seen 2 such problems where it was mentioned. I will post the links if I manage to get those questions.

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