REALBIN TLE for same logic for my submission as ACCEPTED

I don’t know if this exactly is against the guidelines, since the contest is over, please help as to why this is TLE, its a O(1) solution, what’s there to TLE. I’ve matched input for test case and two numbers. Output the value, worked and tested in my local setup.

While this submission by a different user following the same logic got accepted?

Could be as simple as the fact that you used endl instead of \n.


what ?? using endl instead of \n gives TLE. :expressionless:

endl is much slower than ‘\n’, there are many problems which will give you tle when you will use endl , it is highly recommended to use ‘\n’ , In today contest also many people got tle on problem REALBIN due to this .

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Had 5-6 TLEs in a row.
Incorporating the famous/infamous

#define fast std::ios_base::sync_with_stdio(0);std::cin.tie(0);std::cout.tie(0);

Checkout My Submission . I have converted endl to \n in the define process
still giving TLE

Try using fastio as well:

(or the post directly above yours :slight_smile: )

take long long int a , b instead of int and use fast IO

fast I/O.

I have defined int as long long int and using fast io too. ":slightly_smiling_face:. Still tle :man_shrugging:

link to solution ?

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