Reckless cheating in starters61

There is no point of giving contests. Just checkout the div. 4 submission Red Blue flowers, looks like everyone got the training on DFS only today. Everyone copy pasting same code…

Shame on codechef admins, contests like these are disgrace for people with honesty.

Why have 3 hours contest? So, that people can cheat?
Can’t you keep it short and on point.So, that cheaters get less time to leak solution.

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2 hours is less for those people who wish to solve all problems. So, reducing the contest won’t do any good, cheaters would still cheat.

The thing that CodeChef needs is simply a plag checker.

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People gonna cheat alright. I found that solving problems for the sake of solving problems and not for the rank boost helps.

How many you will get by Plag checker. Every day they are coming with something new that saves them. You should be talking like this when you are 3-4* and you put your rank and all in resume, just to get tormented like this.

Don’t you give contests at other platform? Nowhere cheating like this happens, cheating definitely occurs there too but not like, In a hard problem you got 70-80% cheaters .

For 60% of contest I was leading at 30-40 rank in div 4 and all of sudden this disaster happened.

I understand that you are unhappy, but reducing the contest duration won’t really change anything. You will get the same 70-80% cheaters anyway. With the only difference that they will be submitting their plagiarized solutions earlier.