Recovery of account

@admin This is on behalf of username sneha_sharma25 . She has frogotten the email with which her account is registered and so is unable to login and wants to forget password and set a new one. How can she get to know the registered email? Kindly reply fast as she has to give a contest which will end soon. Kindly help admin!

This is not a new case, just write “old account hacked” in the new one’s BIO/About section!

But what about the ratings and stars of the previous account. How to retrieve them?

This has nothing to do with the original topic, just this particular statement, and mods will probably regulate the whole situation.

If you’ve earned them through your own skills, you can easily regain your rating from a new account. It wouldn’t be too hard for you if it were genuine rating.

Send an email to

And get a reply after a decade. Classic Codechef at its peak.