I am quite new to computer science.As of now I have a basic understanding of the simple Data structures.
I find recursion based good level questions a bit difficult as of now.
I’ve heard one needs to have a very good understanding of recursion to solve graph/DP questions.Is that so?

Should I learn recursion in depth and then only try to solve graph and DP questions?

Its good to have a basic knowledge about it . You will develop more and more understanding of recursion on the go. Happy coding!!

hey there @blue86.
Recursion is important indeed.
I would suggest you to become confident in recursion and
start solving DP and graph, starting with the simple ones.

Hope it helps.

Wrong, One needs to solve graph/DP questions to get a very good understanding of recursion : )

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It is the opposite to be very honest. As mentioned by @hetp111, you should know the basics of recursion, but as you come across dynamic programming questions, with practice, you will come to know and define the recurrence by yourself. Start with the easier ones.

P.S: You can never conquer DP, even after 100% effort given by you. Just practice problems, and you will be better at it.