Reduce Length of Starters contest to 2 hours

Pretty much the Title.
It feels like this format was especially designed for cheating. 2 hours is ample time for anyone to solve the problems that are possible for them to solve. Low rated contestants don’t need more ‘time’ to solve a particular problem they more ‘experience’ which comes from practicing and the contest is not the place for that. Most of the easier problems have a single observation which doesn’t really require that much time to find.
Plus you already have Long contests let them have all the time they need over there.

Either this or at least increase the number of 2 hour contests that happen in a month. All I can see are starters contests.

Honest Participants will start leaving Codechef at some point. Many already have and many will follow.


Even 2hrs is ample time for cheaters probably. So IMHO your suggestion is clearly not gonna change anything.


I totally agree that there is no need for the contest to be of more than 2 hours but what we think hardly matters as they have the actual statistics so I think they might be seeing substantial amount of submissions during the last hour that’s why they haven’t reduced the time or I think they haven’t considered that the submissions in the last hour are only from plagiarizers or late commers{will be ranked behind so they should come on time}.

Bro IF anyone wants to cheat then he can cheat in 1hr also.we all know there is no use of cheating here that’s not going to help them in future.

The main source of cheating is YouTube Channels and Telegram channels by reducing the time we will make it difficult for the people who are spreading answers[as they will have to do it fast] and much difficult for the cheaters to alter the problem so slips by the plagiarism check. So by reducing time the efficiency and accuracy of the plagiarism algo will also increase.