Referal on ufds

Hey , dear hariaakash,socho I wanted to reach out to you to request a referral to the UFDS server .I started my competitive programming journey december 2022 just 12 days before zco 2023 and then again from scratch I started my journey from march 16 just day after of finals exams . and right now i am in state where i just left range queries ,tree and graph . I have been actively participating in codechef and I am able to solve many problems , on an average i spends 5 to 6 hours daily on cp , the reason behind how i am able to spend quality time on CP , so it was my interest from class 6 but unfortunately at that time to till 12 days before zco 2023 i was not knowing that this olympiad exits too , i got to know about ICO through IIIT H . Within 5 month i had grind up my self daily for this olympiad so that i could qualify for IOITC and i promise i will grind next 5 month more and more .

You can check my codechef profile too - abhaypandey114

AGAIN , i would be gratful if you could vouch for my abilities and recommend/REFER me to join the UFDS SERVER , THANKYOU FOR CONSIDERING MY REQUEST.
@smjleo @socho @hariaakash646 @aloo1304 @kshitij_789 @aryan12
IF you are willing to refer me so please make reply to me , so thai can fill it on ufds 2024 form
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Sure, I am ready to refer you to join the programme. But I am not sure if I can lol. I am not a mentor there, I am a participant too.

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But thanks for your kind response.