Regarding 100% streak award

I have given all the contests from may2020 to feb21 but still the (100% attendence checker) link as shared by @anon85470456 shows that some contests are not given by me. Can you pls help me out.
@vijju123 @vijju123_adm

Also do let me know that why there is no February Cook-off 2021

This is why February Cook-off 2021 got cancelled.

Can you please share the link of the checker.

Thanks for the explanation but what happens to the 100% streak? will it be affected ?

Here it is:-

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I dont know. Plz @admin clarify

NIce one. How did you extract information. Is it some API that codechef has provided?

But it is not anyone’s mistake. As we can see many short contests are getting cancelled or getting unrated but by this why to effect a person’s attendance?

@jatindscl It cannot affect the streak. You are considered present if contest was unrated or got cancelled.

Its simple you don’t need API. Open profile and check if that contest exists on his profile page :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cool Trick :slight_smile:

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exactly @shubhgkr


are u sure?

If you build this website then there are few bugs as it is showing that I have not participated in JAN21 long challenge while actually I had participated in it.

the contest counts towards 100% streak if you atleast had 1 correct submission (partial also counts)

For some reason it isnt showing attendance of only Div-3 participants.

Yes cuz the tool was built when there were only two divisions :stuck_out_tongue:
The developer will need to change the logic
PS: This isn’t an official tool

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Yes that might be the possibility

I am very well aware of this thing buddy :slight_smile: :star_struck: