Regarding CCDSAP scholarship and Laddus

When and how will codechef contact college toppers who will be offered 100% scholarship for CCDSAP. And, also since I landed under top 20 Indians when will I get my laddus.

I know that I should keep patience but Since it is my first time, when I will get laddus, I am little excited about this.


First of all, congratulations… I cannot answer any query regarding CCDSAP since this is the first time for me too. However, CodeChef never fails to reward laddus to any deserving candidate. In fact, I was awarded in the most surprising way; I was given 200 laddus for “LTIME58A - Top 5 Random Laddus Division 1”…XD

You will get all your hard earned laddus soon. You don’t need to worry much…:wink:


actually free CCDSAP certification is quite good, but CODECHEF Must have a check…as many people have copy pasted solution from other platforms…


I completed 12 months 100% attendance ,laddus not added yet even same happened with my friend. I dont think so codechef works properly ,no point of using codechef site and making efforts. Atleast they should reply to the emails,if they were making such community and adding emails for help. GG codechef.

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Will there be separate registration process for the people who are satisfying 100% scholarship criteria in June Long Challenge 2018 or do they have to register through same procedure and their fees would get reimbursed ?

I forgot to register for the scholarship. The google form is now closed. My score is 420 and I’m in division 2. Is there anything I can do? Sorry for being late.

I cannot apply the coupon code(100% scholarship) for July CCDSAP examination .
The window displays
(You are not authorised to use this coupon.)
Today is the last date for registration . @admin and @vijju123 please have a look at it

Was the div1 list updated ? There were 4 people from my college in the list including me when i checked on the day the list was released and now no one is there. I also didn’t receive any mail regarding coupon. Is there any reason for this ?

@vijju123 I received the mail on 21 June 2018 at 01:36 and it stated that the registration was to close on 22 June 2018. Being a student, I don’t normally check my email too regularly (no use, you see!) and as a result, I missed the date.

I understand that the team has a lot of work to do, but it would have been great to send the mails a little earlier!

Also, is there any way to reapply the coupon for a later date?

Thanks in advance!

normally around 20-30 days

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I have also personally seen similar codes of many people. MOSS will see to it, I hope so.

Please wait for some time, you will definitely receive the laddus :slight_smile:

I am also having this doubt, registration link is now open but there is no information regarding this

You’ll get a mail with the details by next week. Please wait till then :wink:

Forwarded your case to @admin already, when you mailed.

Try registering now :slight_smile:

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Thanks @vijju123 , I could now apply the coupon code and have successfully completed the registration.

Not filling form, incorrect username in form, being caught in plagiarism etc.

Thank you for replying but none of those you mentioned are applicable to my case. I did fill the form and my name was in the initial winners list. I also didn’t receive any mail for plagiarism of any kind.

It means your case got rejected for some reason. Contact @admin .