Regarding CodeChef DSA Learning Series

I have a query regarding change in the way DSA learning series is being carried out lately than in the start.

I have noticed that no longer the live sessions are being conducted on zoom. Previously, there were 2 sessions per contest. Also, some of the sessions that were previously conducted on zoom and uploaded publicly on YouTube have now turned private.

The sessions were quite informative. It would really be helpful if the volunteers can continue doing the same.

Can I please get to know about such upturn in the series?



Thank you for sharing your feedback.

We are resuming the DSA Learning sessions again from this week. The next one is today. Details here: [OFFICIAL] Live DSA Learning Session 5 - Contest 3 - Part 1

Also, the Session 4 on YouTube is private. We will make it public by May 7. It is down due to some content issues.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Update: We have made the Session 4 video public again.

I have one more question, seems like this DSA Learning Series will end in a year or so. For beginners like me who would like to visit this series(even after the series ends) will it be available to submit the solutions, I dont care about ranking but I just dont want to loose the series. Please suggest.