Regarding Codechef Problem Tags

Just wanted to request Codechef to give one tag to all problems of a category. Like , in codechef problem tags, there are different tag names for the same topic. If they can all be combined under a single tag, it would be easier to find problems of one tag.

Like in the picture attached below, for the same type of problems i.e.- Bit manipulation, there are many tags like -“bit”, “bits”, “bit-manipualtion”, “bitwise”, “bitwise-operations”, “bitmask”,“bitmasking”, “bitmasks”.

Similarly there are other topics as well for which multiple tags have been given. It becomes difficult to search problems by tag then.

Also under the tags section, the tag of authors and the the tag of contests create confusion between the topic tags. Its a request to please look into the matter, if possible.
@admin @vijju123 @taran_1407 @rajarshi_basu


Hi, thanks a lot for taking the time to report this. We totally agree, and we used to clean this earlier, but now that task has become harder because of a larger technical issue. We will get back to cleaning this in the coming months.