regarding competiton

pleases tell me that what things i need to know to create own solution because i m feeling difficulty in solving easy level problems beside i learnt c++ and data strctur in college

just keep practicing.sooner or later you will be able to solve tougher problems and go through the algorithm tutorial present on top coder website and learn them.

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Try solving SPOJ problems because they contains classical step by step difficult problems which will help to gain more knowledge about algorithms and coding methods.

Try to attempt each contest regardless with an aim of gaining more ratings, your focus should be on gaining knowledge once you acquire knowledge then concentrate on ratings or rankings.

Read Editorials of problems, it provides knowledge about multiple approach towards problem solving, and try to implement them, discuss if you have some problems with those algorithms on forum.

Try to analyze codes of High Rated coders [ all those who stand in top 10 or more in that contest ], understand their approach of solving the problem. I feel this is really helpful.

Go through this thread: Data Structures and Algorithms - tutorial - CodeChef Discuss

and start learning algorithms step by step, from easier to harder ones.

Start reading CLRS, it will be beneficial in long run…

Just read this blog:

Happy Coding Bro… :slight_smile:

Keep practicing; participate in contests, read editorials, read solutions of other coders, try to understand them as clear as possible.

Nowadays you have great opportunity to improve - online discussions, available solutions, editorials, lectures and so on. I guess people who started competing 10 years ago were in much worse conditions regarding available materials)