Regarding Dp questions

Can someone pls suggest me some basic to medium dp problems which can clear my basic s and also give a hang of dp. It may be from codechef codeforces or any other.
Will help a lot thanks!

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Bro I know this…but I was asking for some special problems which can clear basics or u can also suggest the problems which u solved initially while learning dp.

i am also following this and codeforces for now 1200-1400 main focus is on speed and learning to convert to bottom up since i can think recursive memoized but not bottom up so this helps

Some of the standard problems

  1. 0 1 knapsack
  2. Longest common subsequence and it’s variations
    3.Matrix chain Multiplication.
  3. Egg Dropping problem
  4. Palindromic substring unique/repeating
  5. Coin change.
    7.Catalan Number
    8.Box stacking problem
  6. partition problem
  7. Word breaker.
  8. Bellman ford
  9. Floyd warshall
  10. Travelling salesman person
  11. Subset sum problem