Regarding INOI 2017 prep...

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INOI 2017 is fast approaching. I would like to know those algorithms which is required for the olympiad. Also, please provide online source for learning those algorithms and STL. Can you also suggest me where I can practice questions for INOI?
I am a C++ programmer btw… :slight_smile:

Mentioning the language which you are comfortable to code with will be appreciated…

For algorithms you can refer this —

For basic STL refer –

For practice you have problems on codechef , codeforces , a2oj where you can sort problems by difficulty or topics and solve.

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Well you can try YouTube as a learning source and you can also solve previous years INOI papers. Also CodeChef has problems which are divided based on difficulty. You must try them out…!!

refer to this question. it might help.and
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This might help-

You need to prepare the list of basic topics from here -

This is a good place to prepare from.

Some other places where you can learn from are -

  3. (yup that’s the best place I found)
  4. And rest if you need something, just google it.

Hope that helps,
Happy coding.

The most important things to master are DP and Graph Theory. That’s what most people say although I’m not sure.

You should also do all the past year question papers and learn the basics of the language you are using.

That’s what I am doing.

What are the fundamental things that I must master?