Regarding Overlap of April Cook-Off and Code jam Round 1B

GCjam round 1B and April-cook off are scheduled on the same date at the same time, Can something be done about this?


I think there is no overlap in the timings.
You can check timings for the contests here

The code jam round 1B is also in the time slot of 9:30 pm to 12:00 am IST on 19th April

No, there is overlapping in Google Codejam and CookOff. I saw the schedule of both the contests now.


you should check indian time zone for cjam it’s same

Nice, you are making double benefit as you already qualified for the next round of CodeJam and now you have a chance to get the decent rank (clear road to 7 star XD)

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Bold move assuming next cook off is rated.