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guys i need help i am very tensed about my placements i am in 4th year from tier3 college i did CP closed to specialist in CF 1740 on CC ,strong in DSA and did 2 3 projects on NOdejs in our college company demands aptitude which i dont like it and also useless i think .3 companies visit our college all want aptitude. i was not able to clear first round (aptitude). so at these stage i am very tensed what to do now should i work on CP to get referals ,or work on devlopemtn to boom resume or anything else please help?


(( I am not experienced enough to answer this but I’m just dropping my views and will watch out for other’s answers on this post. ))

I don’t think aptitude is useless as it helps in CP too and in general. My college has been laying a lot of stress on improving the aptitude and reasoning skills from 2nd yr itself, so I think it helps. All that we are doing is practice and ig one can improve by practicing the questions that are being asked in these aptitude rounds.

1-2 hrs daily on aptitude and rest for cp or project. WYT?

Edit: I’m from Tier3 as well.


Hey friend i really suggest you work with aptitude as its the first stage that everyone company requires. So here’s my suggestion work with aptitude as its really important for placements.


Somewhat unrelated to this. But after introspecting many option, I really find that, for a Tier 3 student where no company/few service based companies visits their campus, preparing for GATE is the most suitable option. Being brutally honest, not every Tier 3 students can crack those offcampus offers of Amazon, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs. Instead more than 80℅ students go to TCS, Infosys and other service based at last.
P.S.- This is just my opinion. I can be wrong on some points too

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Bro, U shud focus on ur CP skills/Aptitude skills along with Combinatorial Maths.
Practice all past questions from gfg or interviewbit if u have time.

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even my college too take classes from 2nd year .yaa 1-2 hours i can give(any resourse) thanks for reply

i cant go for gate because i spend my time for coding i cant leave coding after spending more than one year so …
but thanks for replying

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Actually there are tons of material there on youtube and google.

Just take reference from the topics mentioned in this and this blogs. Search the topics on net or youtube then watch a video of your choice and you can find many questions on google for practice.

But sometimes the answer on some websites is usually wrong, so if you think you encounter such website then avoid it.

Best of Luck :smiley:

bro go for company which takes only coding round (no aptitude).


resume is not shortlisting


bro I am also from tier-3 college but there are still many companies you can crack without aptitude, like search for a startup based on Web development or if you have tried Hackwithinfy, there is no need of aptitude.

Try to apply off campus, do not depend only on the companies which are coming on campus. Find the jobs on linkedin, try flock etc. If you are good at CP your already have a good grip in aptitude, you just need to brush the concepts. See, in off campus you might get some companies which may ask for aptitude round . Its generally to filter the aspirants if they are in very large no, so its the demand you can’t ignore it you have to study it.


can i contact you? i saw your profile so i need to ask you

There are so less openings as of now, almost everyone is at hiring freeze

That’s true

yeah sure, same id on codeforces

any email or insta handle?

Hey can anyone tell what is the relation between aptitude and coding? Should I improve my apti skills to get a good grasp on coding as well?


i dont know the relation but you can improve your coding without knwng apti

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