Regarding Programmers Army Monthly Contest - Strings

Hello everyone,
This is regarding problem Palindromic Tree from Programmers Army Monthly Contest - Strings. The following solutions are exactly the same (and completely illogical afaiu, should not have passed the test cases.)

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Yeah but also there’s a possibility that the problem-solution was available online
@sahil_animesh @prajwal_099 @somil_01 @pankajadhana97 . Please clarify

All of them are from the same college and submitted at the same instant!

Well that makes it all clear then

Even i think that solution is Completely illogical and even I don’t know that weather the solution available online or not, sorry for weak testcases but i tried my best.

it was available online
i doubt if this is even a problem for short contests

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XD… How the hell were they expecting that people will solve hardest problem of the long challenge in 2hrs.