Regarding Thread Deletion

@ssjgz, May I know why did you closed this thread. I have not asked something related to the solution. I just need clarification related to question?

Guys, I posted a thread regarding some clarification for Smallest KMP problem ??

As I said in the PM:


I already asked my brother.

The clarification is regarding the question not the solution. So I think that’s not a problem

Asking here might lead to unnecessary discussion of the problem (I did the same mistake before when I was new without realizing its harm). So, it is best to ask under comments section.


I totally agree to your point but problem setter hasn’t replied since hours, I am stucked at this problem and all my sample test cases passed.

The only thing you can do is wait for the author/admin to see the comment and revert. They might have not seen your comment till now. If you don’t get response even after 1-2 days, assume author has seen your comment and and doubt isn’t worth a reply and you’ve to think about it on your own. Secondly, passing Sample test cases doesn’t guarantees that your solution is correct.

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They will surely reply. Check back tomorrow. They do take some time in replying to comments during long challenge because it lasts for 10 days and it is not possible for anyone to be online during the whole period even in shifts.

In the meanwhile, you could try debugging the code yourself

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I am trying my best to debug, but couldn’t find where I am getting it wrong… even checking it on custom test cases works perfect …

Even if they find the doubt too trivial, they usually revert back with a message to let you know about it

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Most of times I got a reply but there were very few times (1 or 2) when I didn’t get a reply.

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Okay @flash_0408 and @akshitm16

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Google it! You will find your Answer.I know your question was general but please refrain from discussing “anything” related to ongoing contest. :slightly_smiling_face: