Register for the Montgomery Blair Informatics Tournament (mBIT) 2020 Fall Round!

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If you are interested in participating in the Montgomery Blair Informatics Tournament (mBIT), which will be held online from 12:00-4:00 PM EST on Saturday, November 14 (11/14/20), please register at The contest will be hosted on our personal servers at All problems were written by the Montgomery Blair HS Computer Team.

mBIT is split into two divisions: Standard and Advanced. Teams may choose which division to compete in. Standard division problems are roughly USACO Bronze to Silver difficulty, while Advanced division problems range from USACO Silver to Platinum. Most Standard problems could be found on a (codeforces) Div 3 contest or early on in a Div 2 contest. Advanced problems are more comparable to Div 1 (and more difficult Div 2) problems.

mBIT allows teams of up to 4 competitors! Anybody may compete, regardless of their age or country. There will be Amazon gift cards reserved for the top high school teams in both divisions, in addition to the top overall teams in the Advanced division (this means that non-high school teams in the Advanced division are eligible for prizes). To qualify for “high school status,” all members of your team must be current high school (or middle school) students.

Prizes (per person, subject to change):

  • $50, $25, $25 for the first, second, and third HS teams in Advanced

  • $25, $10, $10 for the first, second, and third overall teams in Advanced that are not among the top three HS teams

  • $25, $10 for the first HS and MS teams in Standard

  • All winners will get T-shirts

Here are the mBIT problems from our most recent contest in June:

All information, including problems from our contest last November, can be found on our website. Registration will remain open up until the day of the contest.

Message me (on Codeforces etc., or just leave a comment here) or email if you have any questions! We hope to see you compete!

UPD: mBIT is now proudly sponsored by the amazing people at United Therapeutics and Wolfram Research!



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