Registration fees of ACM ICPC

What is the registration fees for ACM ICPC.
One of my senior told me its (1000+900). But on Bayler Site it is mentioned charges as 1000.
So is their any more place where I need to register??

Please reply soon anyone

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Looks like your senior is trying to fool you XD
The amount is between 900 to 1000 (Iā€™m not sure but its less than or equal to 1000 INR)

First you need to register your team at the baylor site. Your coach (aka professor) will initiate the registration process. Ask your professor at college to do that.


It depends on regionals.
Some regionals have 900 (amritapuri, gwalior) whereas it is 1000 for Kanpur for online round. So your senior might be registering for 2 regionals that is why he said 1000+900.