Related to DECEMBER challenge and the problems.

I have a doubt. I am new to programming and just wanted to know the topics required to solve the problems given in the DECEMBER challenge. It is hard for me to figure out if the questions require any special optimizing approach like DP.??
If you feel this question is against the CODECHEF rules,then don’t answer.I will have to wait for the editorials then. :slight_smile:

yes, discussing any strategy for solving the problems is not allowed during the contest. Wait for the editorials :slight_smile:

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As to what’s required, you can see that DP is pretty common in serious programming problems. I don’t know if it’s necessary in December Long; you can just check editorials of past problems to see what you can expect.


Typically there is at least one problem in which you need only the knowledge of your programming language. With partial grading it’s even better for beginners, some subtasks also do not need further knowledge and this approach makes you interested and you will find the way how to improve it after the contest. As I can see, you submitted 5 problems (some with partial score), that’s quite good :wink:

Go through this thread:

Yeah, i’ll go through the editorials of past problems.Thanks.

yeah i found this method of partial grading quite good… this is my first long contest, and codechef has me gripped :slight_smile: