Request for a new thread in discuss feature. purely for official content!

It has been clear from current scenario that Codechef discuss have became a pool of Indian made resources for competitive programming scenario!.Also It is widely known that mostly 3 good rated and quality contest are here every month. Visiting here discuss for these resources and searching in the tool bar by tagging LTIME code and cookoff code for problems for pure official editorials seems a tedius task.Also if I were to implement it through a script then surely I will get Hold right there Sparky error! thus the process gets ruined Most of the people who are here for resources like me have to struggle a lot to find the editorials for all problems from official contests and official discussions posted by admins. Like information for ICPC. etc. and a lot of content which is official to codechef…

Thus I would request for a seperate thread on codechef where only admins and editorialists have access for creating contents.
For example link for all editorials of the contest in one page by the contest Coordinator and many more things. And there can be many other ways.

I thought of this due to ongoing things on discuss. 15+ threads are on codevita 10+ on Google , 1k+ of unofficial without proof editorials. and thus it doesnt looks fine. Hope this post brings in some insight to codechef @admin


Regarding Editorials, there is link posted on the contest page that is direct link to all the Editorials. You don’t have to search here and there in discuss.
For any important information, admin pins it globally.

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I knew it but the thing is that say I am not so frequent to open problem page daily. I just remember the code of Problem and I came here 1 month later (got the point). To access editorial I have 2 options One to go directly on discuss look and search etc. Another option is to GO to problem page access the link and ya I am there on editorial page. But see the repetitive procedure to access one link you have to access another link first which is of no use of me wastes both my time and data! draw deep insights. I think it would be good if we directly get access to official contents in just one hit. also see editorials are secondary primary thing is official accouncements by codechef like UNACADEMY HIRING which was recently conducted but wasnt widely known. or ICPC the most important and Snackdown(regret as it is not happening from past 2 years).

Check the Announcement page of the contest. There is only one link having all the editorials. How much seconds of yours will it utilize?

There was no official announcement on discuss regarding it.

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Ya there are links but the announcement page is many times covered beneath other unofficial posts. Also remember the time frame , after a month do you think I am going to find the same announcement page on Main frame. still the only option left is to do another search. May be you are right it may be time consuming to me.Not to others, Thanks for your reply!

Do you think after a month the same editorials will be there on the top on the another forum you’re demanding?

BTW, I was talking about the official page on Codechef not on the Discuss. Say, this.

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Thanks I ignored it !

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Yes , I agree too , bcz in this common thread there is so mess up , if anyone wanna find out for recent contest editorial he/she just scrolling and searching , and may be sometime not able to find out the actual editorial .