Request for writing a blog on line sweep algorithm

Hello fellow coders,
Can anyone of you write a blog in codechef on the Line Sweep algorithm?I have already surfed on the net, read the tutorials in topcoder and codeforces but not being able to learn it properly.If anyone can take the pain to write a blog on it, many other beginners will also be greatly helped, I believe.
So it’s a humble request to anyone who can write the blog on line sweep.
Thanks to the guy who will listen to my request…

How would a new blog even be better than the ones you can’t understand?

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Sir, in those blogs I felt the concept is somehow not clearly explained.They have mixed explaining concept with problem solving and i find ideas like usage of priority queues,events which I am not able to fit into the picture together. So I would like the blog to cover the following points…
1)The concept of sweep line,it’s algorithm
2)How are you applying the sweep line algo in problems?
Sir, I would like to say that the content will be obviously more or less same but the way you explain it may be more effective than those that I already mentioned.And further ,If we face any doubt we will be able to consult you as well as other fellow coders in codechef.
I hope I have been able to convey my message.
Thanks very very much for your concern regarding the same…