Request Regarding CookOff

Can you please start the November Cookoff @10 PM since we have a Codeforces round which starts at 7:25 PM and ends at 9:25 which means if we want to attend both then we have to sacrifice dinner which may effect our thought process in Cookoff round.

Please Consider my request and give your opinion.

Well codechef has been hosting it’s monthly contests at a fixed slot since 6-7 years. The chances of this contest shifting is highly unlikely.


Maybe it is not very comfortable - but it isn’t clash with 2 contest having intersection.

The reasoning you provided looks poor :slight_smile:

How do you participate in anything like ICPC? Events there are even longer than CF round + CodeChef combined. Does it have effect on your thought process?


Yes. Events in ICPC are indeed long. Longer than any usual contest on a coding website(say, the regular CF rounds, CodeChef official contests, or topcoder SRMs). But, all the contestants taking part there(CC/CF/topCoder) might not have taken part(or are experienced in) long contests(5+ hrs) like that of an ICPC regional or ICPC WF. So, it can be a slight tedious for them sometimes :slight_smile:

But I agree with you that it should not be the case. Perhaps a fortnight’s regular practice(at maximum) can make them eligible to take contests of 5+ hrs at a stretch with ease. Its a matter of practice only. :slight_smile:

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Yeah what all both of you said is right but my point was 9 AM - 2 PM contest is different from 7 PM - 12AM .And Yeah they are not going to change it so I will be prepared for both Contests