Request to bring ACM ICPC World Finalists in Codechef Conversations

The initiative “Codechef Conversations” is really a mindblowing initiative. The first session has been really good. I have a request to the Codechef team , that if at some point of time you could bring ACM ICPC World Finalists from India in this Codechef Conversations series. Because, that would be truly an amazing interaction. With so many budding coders dreaming to make it to the World Finals, hearing from the people who actually achieved it helps a lot in terms of preparation and moral boosting. My personal favourite would be to bring Sumeet Verma of DA-IICT ,Team Fruit Salad ,ACM ICPC 2017 World Finalist. However, the decision would always be yours whom you invite. But really, it would be a great great experience to have the chance to interact with any ACM ICPC world finalists from INDIA .
I do not know whether this is the correct place to make this request. If not, kindly direct me to the appropriate place to post this request.

Once again, thank you The Codechef for bringing “Codechef Conversations” to us.


Yes, I think it would be great to interact with them.

I hope people from Codechef are actually able to see it

As it is now under Unacademy , there’s a high chance they can bring them

Yes,But only if the competent authorities take a note of this request