Request to change Cook-Off timings for April

I kindly request the codechef team to change the timings for April Cook-Off so that it doesn’t clash with Google Code Jam Round 1B.




Preponing by few hours seems to a reasonable option.

Or conducting on 18th April (same timings) can also be considered.(Better option for participants)


Yes shifting this before or after the GCJ 2020 will really be Appreciated…

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It is appreciated even if it is kept one day later

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Couldn’t agree more because there are way too many competitions on that day : Google Kickstart, Google Code Jam, Codechef Cook-Off, Atcoder Beginner. So for maximum participation I think it’s reasonable enough.

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And yes, CodeChef must have been prepared by now to see huge participation.

Actually the point is - They don’t want maximum participation.


Cook Off can be conducted on any other time slot on 19th April or it can be preponed to 18 April or postponed to 20th April. If it happens it will be highly appreciated.
In addition to that Codechef should prepare themselves to see a huge participation. Codechef can start some mirror site like codeforces.

Mirror sites only helps to reduce load on main website and not on judging servers.
To reduce long queues and load on judging servers they must update their servers.
Thankfully codechef doesn’t seem to do any.

You forgot Topcoder Open Round 1A.


Done - April Cook-Off Rescheduled - Invitation