Request to Reconsider Rating Reduction in Contest

I want to clarify that I did not engage in any form of cheating during the contest.

It has come to my attention that a participant using the handle “animesh_18,” who happens to be a friend of mine, was involved in activities that violated the contest rules. Unfortunately, I was not aware of their actions as I was absent during the said period, attending to personal matters including dinner.

I want to emphasize my commitment to fair play and integrity in all competitions. My focus during the contest was solely on solving problems and contributing positively to the event. It is disheartening to see my rating reduced despite my efforts and dedication.

Furthermore, starting anew with a different account would negate all the progress and achievements I have made so far. Therefore, I kindly request you to reconsider the rating reduction and restore my rightful standing in the contest.

I assure you of my continued adherence to the rules and regulations of future contests, and I am open to any further investigation or clarification regarding this matter.

Thank you for your understanding and prompt attention to this request. I look forward to a favorable resolution.

I’ll give you a very bad advice,

Hours ago, I got reduced like 100 points too. I paciently waited the “you cheated” mail. But it didn’t happen. Suddently, I got my points back.

Was I accussed from cheating for a sec? Maybe. I ended up with less points than before tho.

When this “cheating” thing started to be the MAIN topic of Admins, I changed my ways. In changed my templates, if I found an obvious if statement I make it dumb but functional.

I’m not saying you should not fight you rigths!!! That’s cool and great!!! Specially because you stated your means very well and kindly. I’m just saying you may consider avoid “the obvious”, since they are using an automata checking. Don’t do the obious, and fight your rights!!

This is my second instance of cheating, and just like the first time, it resulted in a reduction of 275 points.

I spotted that in your rank history.

Hugs. You seem to be a hard worker.

Respect codechef team.
I am not do any Plagrism. I have working so hard to solving the codes but some of the guys are copied. I don’t know how the do this.
I am telling that it my own hard work. I have done more hard work to get this points.
Please donot decrease my rating in the codechef this rank is more precious to me in the academic.
So please try to donot decrease my rating. I will more secure next time on wards.

Thank you…