Request To reduce time of Codechef Starters 17

The time for codechef starters should be 2 hours rather than 3 hours as increase in time gives a plenty of time for the cheaters to cheat . According to me 2 hours is an ideal time constraint for any kind of short contest .

What’s Your Opinion about the time of short challenges ?

  • 2 Hours
  • 3 Hours

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I tend to run out of time rather than run out of ideas when the contest duration is only 2 hours. So at least for me, 3 hours is a more balanced contest format and I like it better. That’s one of the reasons why I’m enjoying Google Kick Start (btw, round H is about to start right now) and Codechef’s current 3 hours contests.

I’m also not convinced that cheating will be affected much by just adjusting the contest duration. Many cheaters are going to be still submitting their solutions at the last minutes of the contest either way. It will be the end of the 2nd hour instead of the end of the 3rd hour.

if you are regular on codechef you should observe that most of the cheating happens at last
20-30 min …
though cheating happens throughout the contest but usually happens at the end.

Yes, that’s what I said. This happens regardless of the contest duration. And there’s really no big fundamental difference between 2 and 3 hours for cheaters.

Especially in Div3. Because there are way too many people, who are competent enough to solve “difficult” problems from that division very fast. If some of these people are up to no good, then nothing stops them from sharing their solutions already in the first hour of the contest. But cheaters actually sitting on the fence, waiting until the last 20-30 minutes and then jumping in the last bandwagon is an interesting phenomenon (this was particularly comical to observe during SnackDown 2021 - Online Round 1A).

But this time the contest had 7 problems which wouldn’t be possible to solve in 2 hours.