Request to update my profile [Rating graph, rating distribution, Partially Solved)

@admin , @vijju123 DEC19B is over BUT my rating graph, rating distribution graphs are not updated. Rating updated BUT highest rating is less than current rating, it’s ridicules. Please take necessary steps to update all contestants profile like me.

There is a well known BUG in Partially Solved section. Here is mine:

It’s seems 17 problems are partially solved by me, BUT most of them are fully 100 pts solved. Some problems are counted twice.
It should be better to have nothing than having a wrong thing. I mean, if you can’t solve it then it’s better to remove it.

It’s not a fair to show some true behind the false information. Please take some steps to do the BEST.
Hope our favorite platform will be BEST & BUG FREE

Same thing happened with me as well. Upsolved few problems after the contest still it shows up in Partially Solved.Screenshot_1

It’s a BUG, most of the users are victim like us.


Same happened with me

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