Requesting CodeChef IPC Camp again



Those who don’t know what I’m talking about please visit IPC Camp 2017 IPC Camp 2016.
It was not organised in 2018. Only reason I found on Quora is this answer by codechef admin @anup - we may not see good participation.
I don’t know what is the plan this year. But personally, I would love If codechef starts organising it again.
So I’m creating this poll to request community members to please vote here. A huge response may help codechef to decide this year’s fate.

Requesting @admin @anup @vijju123 to please organise this camp this year again.

  • If codechef decides to organise this camp this year.
  • I will definitely apply. Would love to become a part of it.
  • I won’t apply. But this camp will help participants a lot. I would like to see it happen.
  • I won’t apply and I don’t care. Codechef is doing a good job by not organising this camp.

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CodeChef Volunteer Program

How do I pin it?? :stuck_out_tongue:
I will have to bump it on regular basis :frowning:

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can beginners can take part in that too?


This is not for beginners for sure. CodeChef came up with for beginners this summer.
They organised in January’19. Maybe they will do the same next year.


If not this may be a summer camp would also be a good option especially for 2nd year students like me.


Join next year. If they organise. Or demand this in next Jan.


Definitely. Codechef must organize bootcamps regularly. India is seriously lacking quality bootcamps.


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This is not true. Maybe you need to look around better.


I repeat.
Dont spam this post.
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