Requesting specific feedback for the removed post

Shown below is what I had posted. The post was flagged for moderator attention and removed by staff. The only feedback I see is “Please review our community guidelines for details”. I’ve gone through the mentioned guidelines but didn’t get which guideline I didn’t follow. Could you please help me understand? It was my first post. So, trying to understand in order not to repeat the same.

Link to the post:

May be someone found it related to Jan 21 Long challenge , with which I personally Don’t agree

@Moderators, Any response?

@lone_star requested to delete the thread as this was hackerearth’s ongoing internship test problem. If you can give us a link and prove it’s not from an ongoing contest, then I shall list the thread back.

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@lone_star: Any comments you have for this flagging? Do you want some time to prove that the question was asked in a contest while I had posted it?

@moderators With all kindness, may I ask how did you reach the conclusion that the problem is really from an ongoing contest before removing the post? Great power, Great responsibility. Removal is a strict action and should be taken with proper understanding. Relatively relaxed way is to clarify the things in comments before.

The problem is from an ongoing internship test of HackerEarth for Django Developer. I gave the test 3 days ago and it’s still applicable to give the test. You posting the question and asking for it’s answer is not allowed as it will not be fair for others if you might use that answer to pass the test. Moreover you stated that the question is an interview question to someone else so you knew about this.

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Thanks for responding. Can you please share the link to the ongoing test? Just want to check about the end date so that the removed post could be reopened again accordingly.

Also, could you please share the constraints to that question so that I can continue trying it out myself.

The end date is not posted there. Only HackerEarth can decide when they will end their test. And please dont ask me to discuss any part of the problem. Please close this thread.

Has the test ended? Can you please share the link so that I can monitor it myself whether the test has ended?