Resources for competetive programming

Recently I have found a some resources for competetive programming. They might help you to develop even if you are a beginner. So I am sharing them here :

  • This page contains the theory that is required for competetive programming :
    Source : Competitive programming course - Codeforces , currently the above page is down, so please be patient for some time.
  • Also this webpage contains the required theory : CS 97SI: Introduction to Programming Contests
  • Recently ahmed aly introduced a new feature called [ladders][1] in his online judge( I think this is the best and also motivational feature I have ever seen for practise. So try to use that feature.(Note that you need to have codeforces account to solve those problems)
  • Here you can find problems from all online judges under problem category wise.I think you can use this if you want to find problems of particular category.
I will try to add the other resources when ever I came across them and found interesting ....




As the first resource page is not working, here you can find them :