Reverse Coding : Competition

Reverse Coding: An ACM-VIT Event : Participate for Exciting Prizes

Event Details:

Reverse Coding is a competitive coding competition like no other, brought to you by ACM-VIT, a student chapter of the international organization Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). The event will be taking place over the course of two rounds. Participants can form teams of 2 members each or choose to take part individually. They can code in Java, JavaScript, C, C++, Go, Kotlin, PHP or Python based on their preferences.

In Round One, participants are given runnable files that display input-output test cases. After deciphering the logic based on these input-output patterns, they need to come up with a code that will fulfill some hidden test cases. The twelve best-performing teams of Round One advance to Round Two.

The second round comprises an exciting auction, where participants can use their points to buy problem statements. The highest bidder on a problem statement is awarded points if they are able to solve it in a span of 45 minutes. After multiple rounds of bidding and problem solving, winners will be announced on the basis of the leaderboard.

There is no registration fee for the event, and participants stand a chance to grab exciting prizes including cash prizes, coupons, and licenses worth a total of 25k INR. The event will be conducted virtually on an online portal developed by our team, keeping in mind the current global pandemic situation.


  1. A team can have a maximum of 2 participants

  2. A participant can leave a team before the event starts


Whether you are a beginner trying to hone your coding skills, or an expert trying to prove your mettle, all coding enthusiasts are welcome to participate in Reverse Coding!


18th and 20th December

Registration link:

Prizes Breakdown:


  • hacker plan free
  • Uacelt 10% off discount coupons

1st Position:

  • Rs. 2000 cash prize
  • Classroom Ltd subject subscription plan
  • CodeAsylums discount coupons

2nd Position:

  • Rs. 1000 cash prize
  • CodeAsylums discount coupons

3rd Position:

  • Rs. 500 cash prize
  • CodeAsylums discount coupons

4th & 5th Position:

  • CodeAsylums discount coupons

6th - 12th Position:

  • Uacelt 50% off discount coupons on courses

Event Coordinators:

Ishi Yadav (9999679501)

Nishal Kulkarni (8237394877)


Sorry for the inconvenience. we have updated the dates

Registrations live till 17th December.

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