Review GeeksforGeeks DSA course

Can someone tell me if it is good to buy gfg course. They have disabled comments on their youtube video so cannot ask anyone there.
Take a look at the curriculum and please tell me if there is better course/ resources suggest it. I’m primarily buying this course for interview preparation, I know basic DS and algo only.

That totally depends on your preferred way of learning. If you are more comfortable with video lectures then you can surely buy this course , as they will cover everything till Graphs and DP( mentioned in the curriculum). Otherwise , you can buy Cracking the Coding interview by Gayle Laakmann(a lot cheaper then this course) and start solving question on InterviewBit and leetcode parallelly.


As @tux_anonymous said, that totally depends on your preferred way of learning. I find video lectures more preferable than reading articles and books.

Maximum competitive programmers (atleast myself :slight_smile: ) don’t have a strong grip on topics like Binary tree, BST and Circular linked list which are hot topics for Interviewers of the top companies like Adobe, Amazon, etc. This might be helpful.

Another important thing is the lack of enthusiasm if you get things for free. Once you pay, at least you will give your efforts for the sake of the money you have spend on the other half, the chances of getting lazy will be higher and you will definitely keep on postponing things and the learning rate will degrade.

Finally, if you check the course rating it’s 4.8, not a bad option i guess to go with as they are covering all the advance topics like Trie, Back Tracking, Graphs and DP