Review questions before allowing them to be posted during contests

I’m sure many of you would have noticed that during contests, many participants post their codes, strategies, etc. here on Codechef Discuss, asking for help, even though it’s strictly against the rules. Sometimes, users also report cheating on discuss so that immediate action is taken, but this only makes the source of cheating accessible to more users.

I would request Codechef to implement a feature, so that during a live contest, posts appear on discuss only after they have been reviewed by admin or a moderator. You can do this for everyone, or for those below a certain karma limit, as you deem fit.

I know that this shall greatly increase the work load of the admin and the moderators, however, I think that this will benefit the community even more.

Do give it a thought.


I repeated this many times to @vijju123. Came up with soln of every excuse he came up with (including increase the workload of the admin and the moderators). But nothing happened afterwards.
Earlier at least 3 karmas were required to ask a question. But they removed this limit as well.
Restoring this only will help to a large extent. No alts specifically used for this purpose.

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I completely agree with what you say @aryanc403. You are absolutely right.

I wouldn’t blame @vijju123. He doesn’t control everything. He is an admin at Codechef, who’s main responsibility, at the moment, I guess, is to manage external contests. He is a college student just like us. I don’t believe he has the power to implement features at his will.

What he does have the power to do, and uses it well too, is to bridge the gap between these suggestions and those who actually implement them.

I know it’s quite annoying to keep getting excuses, however we must understand that what he replies aren’t always his replies, but what he receives from the team…

I’m sure that at some point in the past @vijju123 too felt the same way as we do about how things are managed, about the excuses that they make. However, I think, after actually working with them, he too understands their working better and often has to cover up for the team, making him look bad.

Let’s just hope they implement this :slight_smile:
It’s high time…

Lol. Replace “admin” with “pesudo admin” there.

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+1 for the 3 karma requirement, at least during long challenges.

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Not accusing of @vijju123 directly. I just wanted to mention that I tried saying this through other channels. But this was declined.
The reason which was given to me why they removed this karma limit -
“CC becomes beginner friendly.”

My proposals were -
“3 karma requirement”
Add approval of a post before posting by newcomers.
If nobody rejects that post in 24hrs. Auto publishes it without explicit acceptance from admin/mod.
and shayad aur bhi suggestions the??

Counter reasons that were given -
"CC becomes beginner friendly."
Developers working on other high priority tasks.

I feel that before new users post questions related to problems, some set of rules must appear before them. For example-

  1. Can’t ask doubts related to ongoing contests on discuss. Ask them in the comments section of that problem. Don’t share code or logic for them anywhere.
  2. Please google it before asking. Please.
  3. Please share problem link and your submission link. Don’t post your poorly-formatted shitty code on Discuss. Please.
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General things-

  1. Please put in a little bit of effort by yourself. A little effort.
  2. Please acknowledge when someone helps you. A small thank you won’t hurt you.

This is sarcastic.

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A small thank you won't hurt you.

True. Perfectly fine if you guys dont upvote or accept the answer, just a thank you will suffice. Who cares about forum rule/guidelines in this goodie-goodie world full of rainbow things and unicorns. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol xD. The general things was jocular. Sarcastic. I know forum rules/guidelines exist. What I mean to say is that often new users don’t read them. So before they submit the question, it should kind of appear before them somehow as a reminder.

Lol. Instead of all these complicated suggestions, just drop the ratings(and count it as plagiarism) of that user and add his code to the list of codes checked by Moss. His/her duty is to read the rules thoroughly before participating.(You can’t drive on the opposite side of the road and reason out with the police by saying I didn’t read the rules) If this is done, most of the trouble will get reduced.

Some might say this is too extreme, but a heavy fine for littering isn’t bothered for by a man who keeps his surrounding clean and tidy. Similarly, if the rules are made stricter and are stringently enforced, such problems will fade away by itself.
@akashbhalotia @vijju123

I feel you are comparing apples to oranges.

I don’t get what you mean. Whom am I comparing to whom? The example given was only for a better picture of what I meant. It was not meant to compare the two situations.