ROBOT problem

I have not found any kind of error in this.

Thanks in advance

You were required to output the final co-ordinates , but used the abs function , so wouldn’t that print out the absolute value, whereas the co-ordinates can also be negative?

Try this testcase:
4 2
2 3
2 4

Your code gives the wrong answer for this testcase

0.0000000 1.7320508
-1.0000000 1.7320508
this is the answer coming after removing modulas.
But still it is giving wa

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Did that too…

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The correct answer is:
-0.5000000 0.8660254
0.5000000 0.8660254

Bro can u explain why it is the correct answer
steps 2 to 4 will be performed in test case 2
step 2-(.5,.86)
step 3-(0,1.73)
step 4(-1,1.73)

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I got it…

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This video editorial might be useful for understanding the concept behind ROBOTS problem of november’19 cook off :

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