Rules for ICPC Regionals

This will be my first time in ACM ICPC Regionals. Can anyone tell me the rules for the ICPC Regionals and more if you have any previous experience. Thanks.


Rules are same as any other contest. 5 hours ACM Styled contest with 20 minutes for each penalty. Only thing different is you won’t be able to use internet and your team will have only one PC to work with. Along with problem statement viewable from PC , you will also be provided one hard copy of the problem statement. Suppose, you have coded a solution and it is giving WA and you think there is a little bug bothering the code, you can request for the printout of the same so that your team-mate can debug from the printout and you can do some other task. You will be able to use codechef IDE and other popular IDEs and text editor are also provided.


thanks. :slight_smile: