Ruman and Pull requests(DCUS)

Can anyone pls tell the approach to this problem…?? I tried sliding window approach but only few subtasks passed.

You could have used Binary Search using prefix sum array. It could be done like this:

For each index starting from 1 (1-indexed), find a lower bound of K (binary search) of range sum starting from this index. Just find the maximum range sum not exceeding K this way. It is an O(N\log_{2}{N}) solution.

Hope it helps!

Here is my approach implementing the same.

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Will those problems not be moved to practice section?? Bcoz I can’t see any submit option yet

Sliding window does work in it. Are you sure you used long long and not int for your datatypes ? Or can you share your WA approach ?

Here’s my wrong submission
But I think I found my mistake instead of pushing (sm-a[I]) into vector I just pushed sm in it but I can’t test it now since submit option is unavailable

U may use kadane’s algorithm for O(n) solution

There you go

Quite easy to understand aswell

Actually I had already emailed CodeChef Admin to move the problems to practice section. It’s just that there’s no reply yet. It’s taking unexpectedly long, I know. Because they should’ve been moved to practice latest by today morning itself. And now it’s been quite a few hours.

Please be patient, they might move to practice in some time today.