Runtime Error for no reason

Hey, yesterday during the contest, I was trying to solve this particular question called Triangular Swap.
I thought that a brute force solution would work in O(n). But, I dont get why is it giving a runtime error?

Please help

Here is the link to my Submission

I’m not sure why the judge is giving out runtime error, but your solution wouldn’t pass either way because you’re using close to O(n²) in memory by saving the entire modified string every time.

I used your approach but hashing the string to an integer pair so saving it in a set wouldn’t be so heavy.

My code: CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone

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I had the same issue trying in both Python and C++ last contest. I hope someone can answer.

You were right.
Not only does your solution works, you can say that was why it is giving the runtime error.

I had exactly the same error than OP. I tried in both C++ and Python getting the same Runtime Error. All my submissions used moreless between 1 and 1.5 GB (which is the Memory Limit for the problem).

In Python, I used (getting RTE):

Set = set()

But inspired by your solution, I changed it to:

Set = set()

Which returns an integer value (like your solution).

And guess what? Memory usage dropped from 1 GB to 18 MB and passed the tests.
So, yes. We can assume the RTE is due the memory usage.

Thank you for your comment. It helped me too! :grin:

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That’s pretty neat, didn’t know it was so easy to hash strings in python lmao

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There’s apparently an equivalent hash function in the C++ standard:

Used like:

size_t hashed_string = std::hash<string>{}("string");

Is it faster than a customized one? Probably, depending on the customization.
But it does not guarantee there won’t be a collision eventually.