Rust compiler upgrade

Hi all. The rust compiler available on the CodeChef platform is quite old, 1.14.0 (Released in 2016). I was wondering what could have been the reasons for not upgrading it for a long time. I think it makes sense to upgrade the compiler to the latest version (as of today, it’s at 1.54.0).

Rust seems like a really interesting language; it will be great to be able to submit solutions in Rust (preferably with the latest language features).


Codeforces has been using Rust version 1.49. It’s not the most recent one, but that also works. There are some changes/extra features in the standard library since 1.14.0 which I think are very relevant for competitive programming. Hoping there is an update. Till that, unfortunately, have to use other platforms. I can understand this might not be the highest priority work item at CodeChef and always appreciate the great work done so far by CodeChef :+1:

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+1 for this. Is there a way to tag someone from codechef here or is there some other place where we can do such requests.