Rust Language update

Hello There Admins,

This is the 3rd time I am requesting, please update the Rust compiler.

I already sent 2 E-mails.
1st on 19-12-2020

2nd on 28-12-2020 to explaining the problem with existing rust version 1.14.0.

I haven’t got any reply.

I have even sent the instruction to update the rust compiler.

rustup update stable

Please Update the Rust compiler.
Please please…



Rust 1.14 was released in 2016. That is almost 5 years ago. Please update the rust compiler as the language is maturing at a rapid pace and the industry is shifting towards rust very rapidly. I wanted to learn rust by solving problems here but the compiler version here is too old to learn on.


Is there any update?

Unfortunately No,
Admin(s) might be discussing “If You want rust support, go make your own website”.

Cause that language is rusted