Same code gave TLE during the contest, but Acs now (TREDIFF)

Please have a look at my submission CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone(made during the contest) and CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone(submitted just now), which gave me only 30 points during contest, whereas when I submit the exact same solution now, it ACs well within the time limit. Please check this and modify my rating rand rank accordingly. I have sent emails to and Please have a look at this

Thanks for reporting. We’ll look into it and get back to you soon.
There’s really no need to send 4 different emails and post on discuss about the exact same thing in a span of a few hours.


oh, sorry for that.

The checkers used during the contest and the checkers used in Practice are different, as explained here.

Your submission, when run on Practice’s checkers takes around 1.7 seconds on average. While on the contest’s cloud checkers, it TLEs 60% of the time, and the rest 40% of the time, it takes more than 1.94 seconds.
This is within the expected bounds, and is not an issue. The time limits of the problem are set taking the cloud checker into consideration.

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