Same day March cook off and March certification exam

I was thinking to take Codechef certification exam and now I found that at the same date March cookoff is going to take place. Since there were no centers in my city, I have to travel from Satna to Gwalior for the exam. Due to which my streak will be broken. Is there anyway to save my streak @vijju123

Mail with your plight. They will make sure you are assisted to the fullest.

This clash is not happening for the first time.
Previously also (in September’19) cookoff and certification exam happened to be on same day.

So was your streak got affected because of it?

Not because of it.
I gave contest after coming home (tired).
Later it did broke because of my forgetful nature :disappointed: .

But I will be travelling back at the time of exam. As I will be having my regular exams at my college so I cannot stay there

As Abhishek(Vijju) said mail codechef.

I have mailed them. I hope that I will get a positive response from them for both IIITM gwalior center as well as for the streak.
Thanks @pulkit_mittal and @vijju123 for helping me out