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I would like to draw your attention towards some of the problems that were faced by me while competing in the recent lunchtime contest.

  1. The contest was nothing new as compared to the previous contests in terms of the submission delays that were faced.

  2. The most important issue was, a solution of mine behaved differently for a problem named CHEFRES when it was resubmitted. Firstly i received a compilation error(but there was not), then it was partially accepted and finally it got completely accepted.
    Kindly look into this matter and adjust the time penalty accordingly then.

Here is the link to the problem CHEFRES:

Here are the links of all the three solutions:

  1. Compilation Error:

  2. Partial Solution:

  3. Complete Solution:

Thank You!

Same happened with me

This solution gave me 30 points

Same code gave 100 points


Thanks for reporting this. We are investigating this issue, and will report back soon.

Same with me…


Identical solutions, but different verdicts.

Same situation with me too. I scratched my head whole day for this :frowning: Thank God I read this blog

30 Points :

100 Points :