SAP LABS internship test experience

Watch this video to know about my SAP internship test experience:

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Thanks for sharing Your Experience.
Best wishes for your preparation.


Thank you and wish you the same.
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how did you get the opportunity. Btw how is the second question a binary search question where did you use bs for


I think 2nd question is simple 1-Dimensional array problem with prefix sum concept. Should not need more than 30-40 lines of code. Or any kind of special Binary Search.


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Yes you can do that also,at that time of the test,binary search just struck my mind and hence I shared it in the video.

Awesome :wink:

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It was on campus internship test.
I used upper bound and lower bound to find how many strings lie in an interval.

By seeing your submissions i can feel how hard you worked despite being EE student , keep it up. inspired .

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Thank You!.
Division 1 people are always inspiring!.
Being from EE should not affect me, I shall try my best!.
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