Scalar Hiring Challenge - 2020

It’s a great opportunity for getting Internship or Full-time roles at Scalar

Eligibilty: graduating in 2021/2022

Details: The challenge will comprise of 5 problems and will focus on Data Structures and Algorithms

Date and time: 08 AUG 2020 09:00 PM IST


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Bro please stop this spamming now

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Bro this is for hiring purpose not for admission purpose so it’s not a kind of spamming and another thing is lot of students are searching for interns and FTE so it would help them. Peace :slight_smile:


Atleast 10 people people had previously posted this. And all they are doing is to get goodies by referral. Maybe your intention was not that and I apologise for that, but still repeated posts are always an irritation

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Sorry bro, I was not active in last 3-4 days and I really didn’t know that this has been already posted. Sorry if this wasted your time although one of my reason for posting was goodies also XD

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Who doesn’t want free goodies XD

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Seems like Scalar became famous after that video😂

Those who are posting bcz of referal and after 100 or 200 referral they give hoodie or bag like that , let me clear they don’t give last year from my link 150+ people register and still they don’t give anything.

“Nhi degi” :joy::joy:


i also not got any t-shirt from them after scoring 1st rank in university if there discovery challenge.

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I know but I guess it is due to Covid and yesterday they mail about it, and hopefully we will get that tshirt

what did you get by Techgig Gladiators? you posted that for goodies I guess…hahha


Nothing :weary:

@ssrivastava990 Bro do you get some reward from Codechef for being the highest contributor. Just asking :sweat_smile:

LMAO… NO :rofl: , But yeah I really hope that some day I get some laddus and will buy CC tshirt / Bag / Bottle or something memorable . @admin

Bro I thought that CC gives laddus to Top Contributors :joy:

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No bro .

no, because there is no downvote here , u can even say something completely meaningless and still some people will like it. u can create posts for personal benifit and u still get likes .
so people getting more likes are not always most helpful to community.


You give literally every rated contest…so you’d get 100% attendance participation reward which is 1000 laddus…so you can buy a t-shirt and water bottle with that.

ye scheme to sunne me kaafi achi lg rhi hai…hahahha

It is very tough to give all contest for 1 year (due to hectic schedule) but if you only want to get laddus and don’t care about your ratings…you can do just 1 Q in every contest.