Scaler Academy Free Live Classes

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what ?? , have they made their courses free of cost ??

YES , they are giving some insights into competitive programming & some good content on full stack development stretched over couple of days .

you can even watch them on yt, so no need to register.

But , when you register via website ,then they take details and according to them , they will reach out to students for the guidance and career counselling .
If you are only concerned with the content then you can go directly on you tube channel .

has anybody got an interview call based on the scaler hiring contest ??

no i didn’t even know , when did it happen ?
may be @ssrivastava990 would know ?

For what?

scaler hiring contest !!

yes , actually hiring contest is only for 2021 and 2022 batch and i m from2020 batch I just solve a tree question for fun.

as far as i know , i think this was also for 2020 graduates .

nope .

check it

But they didn’t mention on their contest page , LOL I have to solve 3 to 3.5 questions man :slightly_frowning_face:

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what’s their package for intern & FTE ? any info ?