Scaler contest

Anyone able to give scaler contest , to me it is showing 502 Bad Gateway, If you know then please tell how to correct it

same here


same here :frowning_face:

I just saw a glimpse of problems, then again 502 Bad Gateway

It is opening now , but i am unable to enter my college name

hazar baar bole hai jab krwa nhi skte contest to krwate kyu hai , time pass krwa rhe faltu ka :expressionless: , upar se referal / winner prize or :rofl:

There platform really s**ks, question were also beginner level , I participated with the hope that there would be some good questions.
Dont forget to give them 1 star on platform feedback. :slight_smile:


contest is still live bro, wait for the ending

You can do it in sqrt of n ,
run a loop from 1 to ceil(sqrt(n))
lli y =n/i
ans = min(y+1+i,ans)
Print answer
1 is being added because in each case y*i could be less than equal to n , so to make it >n , we will multiply (y+1)*i

bro contest is not over, why are you discussing now>?

It was till nine

bro, see the change…now it is till 09:30

I didn’t knew that , I thought contest was till 9 , as till the time I submitted there was no such announcement :sweat_smile:

It’s over now


Can Anyone tell me where I can find my rank or result

Answer is simple - ceil(2sqrt(A+1)). This comes from AP GP inequality
Add a +1 for strictly greater.